Friday, September 25, 2009

Been quite busy finishing what I could on this Monkey News animation.

I've only got the first third of it done and hopefully I have time to work on it more and actually finish it. Plus, there's a few areas that need to be redone...luckily, I'm really good at finishing any and all projects I, no worries there.

Here's the video that I have so far. On a side note, I recommend the Ricky Gervais do have to put up with a little foul language and people insulting eachother, but it's good for a few (make that a lot of) laughs.

Also, I'm having a blog-naming contest because, let's face it, "Cody's Corner" was place-filling material at best.

So...for the three or four people that I know have looked at this blog, I'd like your suggestions.

A few provisos:
1. You can feel free to leave my name out of it altogether.
2. Alliteration is not a requirement.
3. There is no need to have your title relate to art school.

There you have it...another winning post.



  1. pretty sweet video. how much do ricky gervais pod casts cost?

    no ideas for a name.. ideas are percolating.

  2. Each series of the podcast is about $5 on iTunes, I think...but you get a good six hours of entertainment for that.

  3. i think some better advertisement would get this blog just craaaazy!

  4. This is the BEST animation I have ever seen, and I am a totally objective observer.

  5. "The Calgary Crier"... yeah? Yeah?! Or like I dunno, "...Because Star Wars was already taken".