Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh...this poor, poor blog.

Neglected.  Alone.  Never visited.  How sad.

I know nobody really looks at this thing but I am getting marked on this in some capacity so I really need to update this more often.

I only have the one studio class this semester so, unfortunately, I don't have a ton of work to update this sad blog with.  I am going to finish that Monkey News animation at some point but that's a labour-intensive prospect that competes with other obligations for my time.

I have a couple other pictures that I'll hopefully put up at some point but I won't show those until my "customers" (yes, they are commissions) get them first.

I could put an Art History essay but I'm not sure that'd be all that exciting for anybody...I did, however, get an "A" on said paper.

For now, you'll just have to peruse the meager offerings I have so far...or, go and check out the Holger Danske Comic Blog.  There's a new page up and plenty of other fun stuff to keep you entertained.


  1. I'm here, however irregularly,

    Take heart. Someone out there still loves you.

  2. sticking with Cody's Corner eh?


  3. I came across a funny quotation on the subject of creativity: "Creativity does not depend on inherited talent or on environment or upbringing; it is the function of the ego of every human being." (Silvano Arieti) Perhaps this blog should be called 'An Ego Trip'? (I know I blog purely for egotistical reasons...)

  4. 'An Ego Trip' is not bad. Of course, this blog is kind of a requirement for school. Not that I'm not egostistical...

    Whoever 'to the D' is (and I'm fairly convinced it's Erik), I was thinking maybe of changing it slightly to 'Cody's Collection' which I admit is not really better but somewhat less...lame?

    Anyways...I'd better make another post.